revenue streams

Empower your readers. Monetize your content. Unlock complementary revenue streams through user friendly advertising, customer friendly subscriptions or privacy friendly micropayments.

Whether you are affected by loss of revenue to ad blocking software or not, AdTechMedia offers sustainable solutions that empower users to decide who pays for content consumption.

3 Simple steps:






get paid

Our solutions are built to restore trust between content providers and content consumers.

user friendly



native micropayments

  • frictionless charges
  • no question asked refunds
  • seamless integration
    • Apple Pay
    • PayPal
    • Amazon Pay
    • and more

native advertising

  • content aware ads
  • high value and maximum viewability
  • seamless integration
    • Google DFP
    • ReviveAd Server
    • VAST / VPAID
    • and more

customizable look & feel

  • white label solution
  • user friendly interfaces
  • business driven workflow

seamless integration

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • JS SDK (API)

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